Valueup, inc.

Making innovations in automobile societies in pursuit of convenience for customers

We create new and unprecedented services by utilizing our long experiences in the car industry and our technological capabilities to convert innovative ideas into systems

“Maximizing” the business value by DX (Digital Transformation)

In the car societies where we are facing revolutionary changes such as realization of decarbonized societies and promotion of “CASE”, we believe that our role is to create new services in the world by thinking out of the box, to respond to a wide variety of needs and to make vehicles more familiar to and more convenient for the people.

We promote innovations in our own business and co-creative businesses with partners by leveraging our know-how created in the automobile-related business and our development capabilities proven by multiple patents as well as by performing marketing activities based on credible evidence which is not a desk plan through test marketing at our own stores.

Utilizing an innovative system to control 3 types of time

“24 Rent-a-Car” FC (Franchise Chain) business

24-hour car rental service at low cost enabled by our own patented system

Significant labor-saving and maximization of profits realized by DX using our self-developed system on the basis of the conventional car rental business model adopted by our group company.

We have established the around-the-clock unique car rental business at low cost.

Promoting SDGs by providing sustainable welfare vehicles

“Value-Assist Rent-a-Car” business

Industry’s first car rental service dedicated to welfare vehicles by using our patented system

Actually, the welfare vehicles have not been popularized in the society due to high hurdles to their introduction or handling as well as lack of expertise or information available for their maintenance despite high demand for them.

In order to realize “Sustainable cities and communities” set forth in the UN’s “SDGs” (Sustainable Development Goals), we provide a car rental service to deliver welfare vehicles to the people who really need them by DX using our self-developed system.

Bringing new changes to motorized societies by DX

Co-creative development/OEM business

Promotion of co-creative open innovations by utilizing our know-how and development capabilities

We are co-creating new businesses with our partners by leveraging our know-how accumulated in our car rental service operated at over 1,000 stores and our planning and development capabilities which have enabled us to acquire multiple patents.

In the marketing activities, we have evidence proven by conducting test marketing at our directly managed stores, not as a mere consultant.

We also conduct an OEM business to provide our systems uniquely customized for our clients.

Business results

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